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Surface Optics ET100

The ET100 measures directional reflectance at six bands in the thermal infrared spcetral region at two incidence angles, 20° and 60°. Based on those values, directional and total hemispherical emissivity is calculated. It is a real portable battery powered reflectometer controlled by a built in PDA type computer. The ET100 is a handy tool for radiative heat transfer applications including field inspections.
Surface Optics ET10

The ET10 answers the long standing need for the measurement of emissivity as an entry parameter for infrared cameras involved in measurements of temperature. Advanced infrared cameras require the input of an emissivity value for accurate temperature calculations. The emissivity values obtained from tables can be far from real, leading to large temperature uncertainties.

The ET10 measures emissivity values in two of the most commonly used spectral regions, 3 to 5 and 8 to 12 microns. It can be used in the lab or in the field and on small or large objects. With the ET10 you can measure emissivity of any surface in just a few seconds.
Surface Optics 410-DHR

The SOC410 Directional Hemispherical Reflectometer is the first of its class handheld reflectometer for quick and accurate measurements of optical constants of surfaces in the infrared spectral region. It is the only fully portable hand-held device for quick inspection of coatings and materials in the field. The DHR head measures the optical constants of materials for six spectral regions.
Surface Optics 410-Solar

The 410-Solar is a battery operated portable reflectometer, the ideal
tool for field solar reflectance, solar absorbtance measurements and
mirror assessment. Quickly and accurately collects solar reflectivity
data necessary to calculate solar reflectance index (SRI) values for
cool roofing and green building LEED certification. The SOC410-Solar
conforms to ASTM E903, the standard test method for solar absorptance,
reflectance, and transmittance of materials.
Surface Optics 410-Vis

The 410-Vis measures total reflectance at four sub-bands in the 400 – 1100 nm spectral range. The signal intensity is normalized against an internal standard. Total, diffuse, and specular reflectance is reported for the data at 20° incidence. A total of twelve data points are produced during a single data acquisition cycle.

To perform measurements just press the device against the surface to be tested then pull the trigger. The data is recorded and can be displayed in a graphical or numerical form. The data can also be annotated with sample names or measurement point identifications.