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AXX Series A3XXf Series
The FLIR Axx-Series is the perfect solution for those applications that require the benefits of a thermal image but do not need exact temperature measurement. The FLIR Axx-Series camera has features and functions that make it the natural choice for anyone who uses PC software to solve problems.
The A3XXf Series camera's incorporate the same infrared camera technologies in an IP66 rated enclosure. This enables you to automate processes in the harshest of environment without putting exposing your camera to the elements. This line of cameras is particularly useful for flare stack monitoring applications.
A3XX Series A3XXpt Series
The A3XX series is perfect the perfect choice when accurate temperatures are required to automate or control a process. Some cameras offer built in analysis and control functions, whilst offers additional software to carry out the automation
The A3XXpt series of cameras incorporate the A3XX thermal camera into an IP66 enclosure, alongside a digital camera. Built onto a pan/tilt base, this thermal camera set up allows the thermal monitoring of a large area. Perfect for security monitoring installations, as well as coal stack monitoring.
AX8 FC-Series
The FLIR AX8 camera/sensor provides an affordable and accurate temperature measurement solution for anyone who needs to solve problems that need built in “smartness” such as analysis, alarm functionality, and autonomous communication using standard protocols. The FLIR AX8 also has all the necessary features and functions to build distributed single- or multi-camera solutions utilizing standard Ethernet hardware and software protocols.
The FLIR FC-Series R camera boasts on-board, non-contact temperature measurement capabilities for fire detection, safety, and thermal monitoring of equipment.
In addition, the FLIR FC-Series R cameras are capable of classifying human or vehicle intrusions, provide reliable detection and flexible alarming options by email, edge image storage, and digital outputs or VMS.
A6XX Series
The benefits of the A6XX series of FLIR thermal cameras include highly accurate and large resolution thermal images at extremely high frame rates. This range of cameras is perfect for R&D applications, or those that require extremely sensitive measurement capabilities.