FLIR Thermography Training

FLIR offer a number of different training services. Ranging from 60 minute online course to in person 1/2 day thermography basics and 5 day advanced thermography courses

ITC Online Courses

FLIR Infrared Training Centre offers a number of online courses. There are a number of free introductory courses, including specific course for the FLIR handheld i & E Series thermal cameras, thermography for home inspections, energy audits. Registration with the ITC provides access to these free online courses, as well as more advanced courses for a small fee. Another benefit of registering with FLIR ITC is the chance to communicate with thermographers across many different specialisations.

Half-Day Thermography Training

The half day thermographer training is aimed at those that have recently purchased a thermal camera and have had no experience with thermal cameras. Those that are interested in investing in a thermal camera are also encouraged to undertake this course, as it helps when deciding which FLIR thermal camera to purchase.

The half-day training courses are offered at the Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne FLIR headquarters. Course days are usually offered at the middle and end of the year. Keep posted for upcoming training days by signing up to the IMC Store email list.
The cost of the half-day training course is $199 (incl. GST)

ITC Level 1 Thermography Course

This thermography course is structured to prepare those who wish to obtain a thermographers certification with the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT). The course offers both theoretical and practical education of the thermal camera principles ,how to operate a thermal camera, and how to analyse the obtained results. For dates and registration to this course please visit FLIR ITC.

The Infrared Training Centre (ITC) is delivered by the Melbourne University who are FLIR training partner in two locations, Graduate House Carlton Victoria and The Hills Lodge Castle Hill NSW. The cost of the 5 day course is $2560, which covers all provided training materials, as well as daily morning and afternoon tea, and lunch.

ITC Level 2 Thermography Course

The level 2 thermography training offered by the ITC offers provides advanced thermography training. After completing the course, participants are prepared to undertake the level 2 thermographer certification offered by BINDT. Those interested in the level 2 thermography course are required to hold a Level 1 ITC thermography certificate, have experience with standards relating to thermography, and have a prepared case study for presentation during the Level 2 training.

The cost of the Level 2 training is $2900, which covers all provided training materials, as well as daily morning and afternoon tea, and lunch. For further information and registration visit FLIR ITC