IMC are able to provide integrated systems tailored to your needs. Below are some application examples.

Flare Guard - Flare stack monitoring system - Overview - White Paper


Electrical Substation Monitoring - FLIR A-Series thermal cameras - White Paper


Condition Monitoring of Rolling Stock


Coal Stockpile Monitoring - Detect subsurface fires in coal stockpiles - White Paper


Custom DVR Box

Industrial Monitoring & Control can develop a range of custom FLIR DVR boxes to suit your needs. These boxes are extremely useful for temporary setups, testing camera layouts, recording in remote locations, as well as many other situations. FLIR DVR boxes come fully assembled for a quick deployment into the field. We can fully specify the hardware and software, and in the event that your platform requires specific software our skilled engineering team is capable of developing it.

When developing the DVR box, consideration is made for the imaging requirements, the environment that the unit is located in, powering your devices, as well as your post-processing needs. We can provide support in instances where integration into existing systems is.

One previous application of a custom DVR box included the monitoring of micro-bat behaviour for an environmental assessment of a wind farm setup in an isolated. The box was configured such that the client could deploy the unit to collect footage for a number of days before returning to collect the setup and analyse the recorded footage.

To inquire about development of a custom FLIR DVR package for your application, contact us today on 02 49697569