Useful tools

Lens & Mounting Distance Calculation: Use this tool to choose the correct lens for your application and the optimal mounting position.
Flir Camera Selector: Use this tool to compare Flir camera features.
Flir Handheld Camera Comparison: Use this tool to compare Flir handheld (Ex-series, Exx-series, T4XX-series, T640) camera specifications.
Flir A-Series Camera Comparison: Use this tool to compare Flir A-series cameras (AX5, A3XX, A6XX).
Flir MCS PTU Comparison: Use this tool to compare Flir MCS Pan Tilt Unit range.

Technical notes, tutorials and information

Technical Note: Why thermal measurements do not change with distance.
Technical Note: Network Configuration Guide.
Technical Note: MCS PT Base Network Configuration.
Glossary of Terms: Definition of commonly used terms when talking about thermal cameras.
FLIR Datasheet Guide: Explanation of important terms on a FLIR datasheet
Tutorial: FLIR A310 alarm and send image to an FTP server

Code Samples

Code Sample: Performing Histogram Equalisation on an Image in C++
Code Sample: FFMPEG Class to simplify using the FFMPEG library in C++
Code Sample: Example of FFMPEG working with Live555 live unicast RTSP streams. Includes VS2010 solution files.

FAQs about cameras

Can a thermal camera see through objects?
How does the sensor resolution affect thermal imaging?
How does the NETD value affect thermal imaging?
How important is a thermal camera's accuracy specification?
What is a multispectral camera?
My FLIR camera is due for a service, how do I arrange this?
Where else can I find information about my FLIR camera?